What is the SCA?

What is the SCA ?

The SCA or, the Society for Creative Anachronism is a group of people around the world who attempt to recreate the middle ages (from 600 AD to 1600 AD) while maintaining an air of creativity and adaptability. We are not truly an ‘historical re-enactment’ group although sometimes it is quicker and easier for us to describe ourselves as such.

If you look at most historical re-enactment groups you’ll notice that the great majority have a very specific focus. For example you may find a group that recreates a Union Army unit under the command of a specific general during the American Civil War, or a group of Napoleonic era re-enactors who play a specific regiment and recreate actual battles.

The SCA is a refuge for people who need more freedom than that. You can have a persona (your pretend personality) who comes from anywhere in the world during whichever era you choose from our one thousand year span. Heck, you can have multiple personalities. Countess Tofa of Drachenwald can sometimes be seen dressed as her own twin brother from what I’ve heard! You can also choose not to have a persona at all. I was involved for about six years before I could decide on a name, time period or even what country my persona came from. You don’t even need to ever choose a persona. Nobody will be surprised if one day you’re dressed as a Viking, the next as an Elizabethan lord, and another time as a peasant. That’s the joy of the ‘Creative’ part of the SCA. You can be anyone you want, from whenever you want.

We like to hold events where we get together and take great pains to have a real Middle Ages atmosphere. Electronic devices are to be kept hidden when possible, the music and food will be as truly medieval as we can manage and if it’s a camping event the best spots will be given to those who have authentic looking canvas tents while those in nylon pop-up tents will be hidden in the background. At these events, you’re allowed to wear your ‘mundane’ or everyday clothes only when setting up and breaking down camp. At all other times you’re requested to at least make an effort at looking authentic. There are many, many people who will gladly help you look authentic. Each group has a Chatelaine, an officer in charge of welcoming newcomers. Nearly all Chatelaines bring along a collection of medieval clothing that they can lend you if you haven’t managed to acquire any of your own yet.

In general, the SCA can be divided into two main interest groups; the Arts & Sciences and the Martial Arts. For the moment, the members of our small shire have more experience in A & S but we surely plan on training fighters too in the future.You’ll find more information about our fighters and our Arts & Science activities on those pages of the site.

The SCA is a non-profit organization based in California. For more information about their history, please go here: http://www.sca.org/

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