What is Trivium?

We are a brand new incipient Shire of the SCA based in the kingdom of Drachenwald. We are not even an official Shire yet as there are so few of us but we are determined to recruit and grow as large as possible.

As of March 16th, 2016 we have been officially recognised as an incipient shire by the authorities of the SCA, though!

Geographically speaking, our intention is to include all of Belgium as our territory as the nearest groups are just too far away for many of us. Our current members are located in Marchin (between Namur and Liège) , Hasselt, and Antwerp so we have members on both sides of the language barrier.

Unfortunately, we do not have any fighters in the Shire yet but there are a quite a lot of fighters in neigbouring shires who’ll probably gladly will teach our fighting members and Rashid from England is willing to lend us his marshalling experience as a guest writer.

Our biggest strength in this Shire is our love for the Arts and Sciences. On this site you can expect to see many tutorials and explanations of various A&S topics.

Our goal is to recruit new members in each member’s home area so that everybody can have people nearby to play with. Eventually, we would love to split into several sister-shires but that’s a long way in the future seeing as we’ve only agreed on our name as of the 4th of March 2013. We have a long way to go but with teamwork, determination and friendship we will be certain to make it!

We are working on planning some recruitment events around Belgium in the near-ish future so if you are interested in attending or would like us to come to your town, please don’t hesitate to contact Diana, Katharina, Achim or myself. We all speak English, I speak French and the others both speak Flemish. Achim even speaks both Dutch and German, so whichever language you prefer to speak, one of us should be able to help you.

We are pleased to provide a lending library for all members of our Shire and our neighbors. Go here to search the library and see a list of all the books we have available.