New Feast Clothes for Maxime Tavernier

The young lord Maxime Tavernier, my stepson will be attending court in the illustrious Kingdom of Drachenwald from October the Ninth through October the Eleventh. His previous court clothes have been outgrown and now I need to make him a new set very quickly.

I have created a Trello card to keep this project organized

I asked Maxime to look through my pattern books to choose some inspiration for his new clothing. He chose an outfit from The Tudor Child which is based on an outfit worn by Prince Henry VIII but Maxime prefers this painting of young King Edward and it’s nearly the same style.

We looked through my fabric stash to find all of the appropriate fabrics for his outfit and then I let him choose his favorites. He wants the suit and coat to be made in burgundy and royal blue (respectively) velvet with a faux fox fur lining on the coat.

We traced the line drawings from the pattern book and then we worked together to color the tracings so that we both knew which fabric would be used and where.

When finished, his outfit should look like this:

I have taken his measurements:

Head circumference: 55 cm
Shoulder circumference: 83 cm
Waist: 67 cm
Shoulder to Waist: 33 cm
Waist to pant hem: 32 cm
Crotch length: 55 cm
Legs: 75 cm

And now it’s time to prepare my fabric and get to work!

Here is what I have yet to do, I will update this post as I finish these steps.

  • Pattern chemise
    • cut chemise
    • sew chemise
  • Pattern pants
    • cut pants
    • sew pants
  • Pattern doublet
    • cut doublet
    • sew doublet
  • Pattern coat
    • cut coat
    • sew coat
  • Pattern shoes
    • cut shoes
    • sew shoes
  • buy hose
  • Pattern hat
    • cut hat
    • sew hat
  • Choose accessories

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