Class Schedule for Anarchy at the Abbey 2017

Summer School Class Schedule    
Saturday, June 24, ’17    
Room 9.30 – 11.00 13.00 – 14.30  
1 Viking Posements Gardar Mittens (Viking)  
2 Kalevala poetry/Rune singing From Hoods to Hats  
Garden Medieval Japanese martial arts    
Viking posements
Countess Agnes will teach you how to make these posements, what they were for and how long they were in use. Using excavated examples our favourite countess will tell it all!
Gardar Mittens
The mittens were excavated in 1881 in Gardar (Iceland) and date from 874-930 CE. Lady Ava van Allecmere will teach you how to make these mittens, which you will probably not need in June but… winter is coming!    
Kalevala poetry/Rune singing
Lady Christine de Byzance will show and tell how these songs were sung and why. You don’t have to be a singer or have knowledge of poetry to join this class!!    
Medieval Japanese martial arts
Your teacher Masanori Murayama will show you the ancient style of 16th century Japanese battlefield combat. While this class will be different from last year’s class, no prior knowledge or experience is needed for this class!    
From Hoods To Hats
The honourable lady Viviana Rowe will teach us how to begin construction on a basic 14th century hood. Fabric, pattern, and some hand sewing instructions will be provided. We will also look at alternative patterns for the hood, and discuss how the hood can be modified to make two classic 15th century hats.

Not suitable for non-sewers or children under 12.Materials fee: 15 euros.
Class limit: 6.