Class Schedule for Anarchy at the Abbey 2016

Workshop info:

For all workshops, contact the Summer School coordinatorBEFORE 15 June 2016

Saturday 9 July ’16
Room 9.30 11.00 lunch 13.00 14.30
1 Medieval dances  Blackwork Embroidery
2 leather knife sheath, part 1 leather knife sheath, part 2
3 sewing a basic T tunic historical make-up
4  Applique on fabric scribal arts demo
5 Don’t fear the needle! Theater history of the Middle Ages
Garden japanese and heavy fighting, part 1 japanese and heavy fighting, part 2

Make a knife sheath

Einarr Girbeson

This is not for swords, but for eating knives! Workshop is 10€

(includes all materials) and is for maximum 5 people.

The teacher of this workshop is Einarr Girbeson

Sewing a basic T tunic

Ysabel d’Outremer

New to the SCA and need something to wear? This is a workshop for people with little to no sewing experience. Learn how to make a basic tunic, suitable for both men and women.

Maximum 4 students! You need 3m (wool) fabric, scissors, tape measure, needle & thread

The teacher of this workshop is Ysabel d’Outremer

Scribal arts demo

Lady Ysabel will demonstrate some basic calligraphy and illumination techniques using both medieval and modern tools and materials.

Historical Make-up

Finna Firisdottir

Have you ever wondered what people used in the ‘old days’ for Skin care and make-up? Join teacher Finna Firisdottir to find out! This workshop is 10€ since you will be given handouts with recipes and sources as well as a small something to take home.

Japanese martial arts combined with heavy fighting

Murayama Masanori

Unique in Drachenwald!!  Your teacher  Masanori Murayama will show you the ancient style of 16th century Japanese sword fighting and teacher Barobrand Hissgant will show you the beginnings of heavy fighting

Barobrand Hissgant

Barobrand Hissgant

Dance class

Mistress Margaret de Mey

Mistress Margeret de Mey will teach us a dance, depending on our own level of light footedness it’ll be an easy dance or …..

Join this class! You will really enjoy it!


Blackwork embroidery

Lady Gunnhild von Brunwieck

Lady Gunnhild von Brunwieck will show you about this fantastic style of embroidery from the Renaissance







Applique on fabric

Lady Barbara von Krempe

Lady Barbara von Krempe will teach you about this special technique with which you can embellish garments, bags and what not!







Don’t fear the needle!

Lady Machteld Cleine

Lady Machteld Cleine

Ever wanted to try your hand at embroidery,
but worried that you will end up all in a knot yourself,
let alone your thread? On the premise that everyone can learn,
and there are no stupid questions, I will get you started with your
very first stitches in a relaxed environment. This class is open for
absolute beginners ages 6 and over. Class by Lady Machteld Cleine

Theater History of the Middle Ages

What happened between the well known great works of the Antiquity
and Shakespeare’s time? Learn about theater’s rebirth and it’s
development from a religious and community activity to a new domain
for professional players in a bird’s eye view of a full millenium of history!
Class by Lady Machteld Cleine