Anarchy at the Abbey 2016

Welcome to the Modern Middle Ages

also known as the Society for Creative Anachronism

There is a new chapter of the SCA which is forming here in Belgium. We are an incipient shire called Trivium and we are a multi-lingual Medieval Anachronism group focused on breathing new life into all of the best aspects of the Middle Ages.

Come spend a weekend at the abbey with a group of friendly voyagers from the medieval era. For an entire weekend in July, we will attempt to lose sight of the modern world. All attendees are asked to make an attempt to present and comport themselves as a medieval personage of their choosing.

The meals will be true medieval fare cooked by a professional chef.

There will be arts and sciences classes held throughout the weekend as well as an archery practice. There will be guided hikes through the Abbey’s forest (with a possibility of a scavenger hunt!) and Her Royal Majesty will hold court in the evening followed by a candlelit feast and dancing.

This site is dog friendly (so long as they remain on leash all weekend) and horse friendly as well. If you plan to bring your horse along, please contact us with that information so that we can get our hands on some hay for you.

The Abbey of Marches-les-Dames

Here are some pictures that we’ve taken at the event site during our previous visits


When is the event?

The event will take place from noon on Friday July 8th 2016 to 4 pm on Sunday July 10th 2016

Click here to see the up-to-date schedule for the weekend

Where is the event?

Abbaye de Marche-les-Dames
Rue Notre Dame du Vivier 153
5024 Namur

What does it cost to attend?

Full weekend: Adult €50,- / Child : €25,-

Saturday only, with feast : Adult €30,- / Child €15,-

Saturday only, without feast : Adult €15,- / Child €10,-

Paid members of the SCA receive a €5,- member discount on their ticket price

“Full Weekend” Tickets cover the entire weekend, including a campsite or bed and all meals.

How do I reserve my place?

Please fill out this form to send your reservation to Rachel de Montfort

Payment may be made by Paypal, Bank transfer, or in person

Bank account information:

Name on account: Misty McAnally

IBAN: BE90 0635 9574 4632


Communication: “Reservation for Anarchy at the Abbey 2016 for YOUR NAME”

Do not hesitate to email Rachel de Montfort if you have any questions!

How can I contact the event staff?

Autocrat: Rachel de Montfort
Summer School Coordinator: Ava van Allecmere
Royal Liaison: Katharina van Antwerpen
Tavernkeeper: Kunz Tavernier
Steward: Murayama Masanori


Who else will be attending?