(English) Oogstfeest 2018

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It is time for the harvest feast

The incipient Shire of Trivium invites everybody to celebrate a successful harvest. Come and enjoy archery, dancing, folk games and a harvest meal.

We are also honored by the presence of Templars who are preparing for their winter encampment. The Templars are an active flemish reenactment group focussing on HEMA training and battlefields tactics.

This year Trivium welcomes you in a different part of the shire.  We welcome you to the Witte Hoeve in Zichem (Belgium) from September 21st 17:00 until September 23d 11:00.  Anno Societatis LIII.

De Witte Hoeve is a scout center with modern facilities including kitchen, bathrooms and potable water.

Site fee is 40€ (kids under 12: 20€) with daytripper rates (20€ with feast/10€ no feast) with a 5€ discount for SCA and affiliated members. We have a limit of 40 spots, we’ll update this as we get closer to the limit.

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