Hello and Welcome to the incipient shire of Trivium!

Our shire is growing and changing and thus, our website is doing the same. We are working to add pages and information on a regular basis and are aware that there are some unfinished pages floating around. We appreciate any and all feedback about our group and our site. If you would like to join us for any reason, do not hesitate to contact any of our members.

How is the SCA related to other LARP and reenactment groups?

The SCA existed before any of the other current medieval re-creation, reenactment, or LARP organizations in the USA came into being. In many cases the groups were formed because the SCA did not adequately meet the desires of those that formed the other groups, either in historical accuracy, or as a fantasy group. It can be said, that in some ways, their formation was due to, or they are a spin-off, of the SCA.

What makes the SCA special?

The majority of Historical Reenactment groups in and around Belgium are very specific. You’ll have one group which recreates a late roman army encampment and yet another who portray a specific company of Napoleon’s army campaigning during a specific year. The Society for Creative Anachronism is much more individualized. We recreate the entire world from the fall of Rome to the beginning of the Rennaissance. You don’t even have to have a specific civilization in mind, many people enjoy wearing a variety clothing from different civilizations and time periods depending on the weather or the theme of the event they are attending. Eventually, most people choose to create a persona. You decide which era you are most interested in and which part of the world you prefer to study. This is where the anachronistic part of our title comes into play. You will see Burgundians sitting at a table with Vikings, Elizabethans and even late period Romans! This variety is a huge part of what makes our organization special.

I’m already involved in reenactment, why should I choose the SCA?

That’s just it! You don’t have to choose! The SCA does not intend to steal members of other reenactment groups, rather we aim to offer various benefits to our members that they may not have in their home group. By joining us you can network with tens of thousands of like-minded people all over the world, you can earn rewards and titles as recognition for your skills and talents, you can play as often or as rarely as you like. There are events throughout Europe nearly every single weekend, you are certain to find one that fits with your reenactment schedule. You can explore other time periods and cultures in a safe and welcoming environment and learn an enormous variety of skills from all around the world. We invite you to contact us to learn more. We will try to have small events for our shire as often as possible as well as arranging group attendance at larger events once or twice a year. Let Rachel know what interests you and she will gladly get you in touch with as many helpful, friendly people as possible.   So you think you’re interested? Don’t hesitate, contact us!